Top Biology Questions Answers For WBCS, SSC, RRB - Day 2

Top Biology Questions Answers For WBCS, SSC, RRB - Day 2

Looking for science gk questions and answers ?  If yes, here is the right place for you. Here, we are regularly sharing with you Biology Questions Answers. This science gk questions and answers will help you to prepare for any kind of competitive exam like WBCS, PSC, SSC, UPSC, etc. We are providing you here Biology Questions Answers. Most of the students prepare for WBCS and other Job Exam. This Biology Questions Answers will be very useful to you.

 Biology Questions Answers

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WBCS 2020 Biology Questions Answers are available on this website. Here, you can get daily Science gk Questions and Answers in English. SSC Biology questions answers set are given below. These are very important history questions for various competitive Exams.

Top Biology Questions Answers- Day 2

1. What is the term used to refer pollination by wind?
Ans:  Anemophily.

2. Name an animal having 13 chambered heart.
Ans: Cockroach.

3. Human Papilloma Virus is related to which diseases?
Ans: Cervical Cancer.

4. Due to deposition of which substances does the corner of the cells of collenchyma tissue in plant are thickened?
Ans: Cellulose and pectin.

5. Due to reaction with which component does plant dye Henna imparts orange-red colour to skin and hairs?
Ans: Protein and amino acids.

6. Name the blood cells in which the nucleus is absent?
Ans: Blood Platelets.

7. Plants absorb dissolve nitrates from soil and convert them into which form?
Ans: Free nitrogen.

8. What is the phenomenon of movement of cell against concentration gradient is called?
Ans: Active transport.

9. The nutritional supplements Spirulina, Chorella and the Vitamin-C supplement, Dunaliella, what are they actually?
Ans: Algae.

10. Pest-resistant cotton commonly known as 'Bt-cotton' is genetically engineered by inserting a gene from where?
Ans: Bacterium.

11. How much energy is released by 1gn of glucose?
Ans: 4 Kcal.

12. Due to intake of which element bone deformities occur?
Ans: Fluorine.

13. From where does plants synthesis protein?
Ans: Amino acids.

14. What is the phenomenon of summer sleep by an animal is called?
Ans: Aestivation.

15. Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?
Ans: Leaf and other chloroplast bearing parts. 

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