Indian Medieval History General Knowledge Questions and Answer: Day - 3

Indian Medieval History General Knowledge Questions and Answer: Day - 3

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History General Knowledge Questions And Answer

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Indian Medieval History General Knowledge-3

1. As recorded by Abulfazl, Akbar, the great used to play which instrument?
Ans: Nakkara.

2. Who shifted the pillars from Topra and Meerut to New Delhi?
Ans: Ferozshah Tughlaq.

3. Who was the court historian of Akbar's reign?
Ans: Abul Fazal.

4. Where is the dargah of famous sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auilya?
Ans: Delhi.

5. Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?
Ans: Jahangir.

6. Tamerlane or 'Timur' was from which country?
Ans: Mongolia.

7. The area around which modern city of India, a Hindu Silhara dynasty ruled from 9 to 13th century?
Ans: Mumbai.

8. Babar died on 26th December 1530 and was laid to rest at Arambagh in Agra. Afterwards, his body was taken to and buried at which places?
Ans: Kabul.

9. Mirza Ghalib was a contemporary of which Mughal Emperors?
Ans: Bahadur Shah Zafar.

10. The auto-biography called "Shah Name mun" written by the famous Persian poet Amir khusrau was based on the life of which emperor?
Ans: Ala-ud-din khilji.

11. The two battles of Tarain were fought between whom?
Ans: Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Muhammad Gauri.

12. The Peacock Throne was made during the reign of which ruler?
Ans: Shahjahan.

13. Who is the Persian mathematician and poet who had composed the world famous Rubbayat?
Ans: Omar khayyam.

14. Which state of India was ruled by the 'Ahom Dynasty' in Sultanate and Mughal Era?
Ans: Assam.

15. Who were the first Europeans to trade with India?
Ans: The Portuguese.

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