Physics GK Questions Set | Good Science Questions and Answers - 2

Physics GK Questions Set | Good Science Questions and Answers - 2

Looking for Good Science Questions And Answers ?  If yes, here is the right place for you. Here, we are regularly sharing with you Physics GK Questions And Answer. Good science questions and answers will help you to prepare for any kind of competitive exam like WBCS, PSC, SSC, UPSC etc. We are providing you here Physics GK Questions and Answers. Most of the students prepare for WBCS and other Job Exam. This Physics GK Questions will be very useful to you.

Physics GK Questions

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WBCS 2020 Physics GK Questions are available on this website. Here, you can get daily Good Science Questions and Answers in English. SSC Physics GK questions and answers set are given below. These are very important history questions for various competitive Exams.

Physics GK Questions Set-2

1. Why it is difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road?
Ans: There is very little friction between the ice and feet pressing it.

2. What is the basic reason behind the extraordinary sparkle of suitably cut diamond?
Ans: It has a very high refractive index.

3. Among velocity, frequency, wavelength and amplitude, if a sound travels from air to water, which quantity will remain unchanged?
Ans: Frequency.

4. What is the change in the angular momentum of a system as per the Law of Conservation of Angular momentum, if the total external torque acting is zero?
Ans: Remain constant.

5.The recoiling of gun is an example of which law of conservation?
Ans: Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum.

6. Among optics and thermodynamics which is/are part of Classical Physics?
Ans: Both.

7. Electron microscope works on which principle?
Ans: Wave nature of electrons.

8. Who discovered X-ray?
Ans: W. C. Roentgen.

9. Nuclear Reactors are based on which phenomenon?
Ans: Controlled Nuclear Fission.

10. On which principle does an Electric generator works?
Ans: Faraday's law of Electromagnetic Induction.

11. Who has been credited for the the Corpuscular theory of light?
Ans: Isaac Newton.

12. Why does rain drops acquire spherical shape?
Ans: Due to surface tension.

13. When a bottle of perfume is opened in one corner of a room the smell spreads soon throughout the roov. This is an example of which phenomenon?
Ans: Diffusion.

14. A solid ball of metal has a spherical cavity inside it. When the ball is heated what will be the change in the volume of the cavity?
Ans: Increase in radius.

15. What is the SI unit of pressure?
Ans: Pascal.

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