Preposition Examples Sentences - Preposition Examples

Preposition Examples Sentences - Preposition Examples

Looking for Preposition Examples Sentences?  If your answer is yes, then here is the right place for you. We know you need Preposition Examples Sentences. So today we are sharing a lot of preposition Examples  Sentences here.

Preposition Examples Sentences

Some Preposition Examples Sentences :

  • My house is on the main road.
  • The thief drew a knife on the stranger.
  • The story is not based on facts.
  • I live on pension my wife's salary.
  • The cow lives on grass.
  • I play a song on my guitar.
  • I live in USA
  • My son was born in 1974.
  • He will be leaving for Mumbai in an hour.
  • Please speak in English.
  • The boy went out in the sun.
  • He is in poor health.
  • I reached the Airport at 12 noon.
  • He drives at 60 km. Per hour.
  • I sat with my mother.
  • Gitanjali is written by Rabindranath.
  • I met Rahul by chance.
  • I will go to NewYork by next week.
  • He is to go for a walk for every morning.
  • He prepares for Entrance Examination.
  • She has know test for music.
  • Soldiers sacrifices their lives for their country.
  • For all his efforts he failed in life.
  • Mother is anxious for her ailing son.
  • Cloths made from cotton.
  • He is pulling water from a deep well.
  • The picture is painted from the life of Jesus.

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