Preposition Rules | Useful rules with Preposition Examples

Preposition Rules are very important for you. If you are students,  or job seekers or learn to English,  then you must know about Preposition. Preposition is very important for English. So here we everyday discuss Preposition rules and Preposition Examples.

Preposition Rules  | Useful rules with Preposition Examples

Today, We discuss useful  Preposition rules 'About', 'Above ',   ' After',  'Against'. Next day we discuss others prepositions. So you should read carefully this post and all of this blog Post.

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Useful rules  ' About '  With Preposition Examples :

1. Here and there :

  • He walks about the town.

2. Showing Position :

  • The idle man is standing about street corners.

3. Showing State :

  • He has not any money about him.

4. On the subject :

  • This book is about wild animals.

5. At a time near to :
  • I shall set out about 6 p.m.

6. Regarding :

  • I know nothing about him.
  • I know nothing about his bussines.
  • I am glad about his success in Proffesor.

7. Occupied with :

  • What are you about.
8. Round :

  • He fields about Oxford are charming.

Useful Rules ' Above ' with Preposition Examples :

1. Higher than :

  • The sun rose above the Horizon.

2. More than :

  • He values honor above life.

3. Superior to :

  • He's above meanness.

4. Out of the reach of  :

  • Your conduct has ever been above suspicion.

Useful rules' After ' with Preposition Examples :

1. Pursuit :

  • They ran after the thief.

2. Concerning :

  • We enquired after him.

3. Resemblance :

  • The girl takes after her mother.

4. Later Than :

  • He reached home after sunset.
  • I will come back from the USA after a month.

5. In view of :

  • I shall never help him after what he has done.
  • After all my efforts I did not come out successful. 

6. In spite of :

  • After all my warnings he took to gambling.

Useful Rules' Against ' with Preposition Examples :

1. Indicating Opposition :

  • The rowed against the current.

2.Indicating Protest :

  • He wrote against the proposal.
  • They raised their voice against the proposal.

3. Indicating Collisions :

  • The truck dashed against the bus.

4. In anticipation of :

  • We should save money against the rainy day.

5. Indicating support :

  • Place the ladder against the tree.
  • He leaned against the wall.

Next day we discuss the rules of others Preopostion. So please continue reading this blog every day.
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