Preposition Rules | Use Of Prepositions Before, Behind, By, Towards

Prepositions Rules are provided here. If you learn prepositions, you daily read our blog. Here we discuss every preposition rules with preposition examples. You know, Prepositions are very important for English Grammar. Every student should know preposition rules, definition, kinds and use with Preposition Examples.

Preposition Rules | Use Of Prepositions  Before, Behind, By, Towards

Preposition Rules   ' Before', 'Behind', 'By', 'towards' are below here. You should carefully read this articles. If you are a student, then all these posts are very useful to you. In an earlier post we discuss more prepositions rules, use with preposition examples. So you must read all blog this post.

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Useful rules ' Before' with Preposition Examples :

1. Earlier than : 

  • My aunt came here the day before yesterday.

2. In front of :

  • There's tree before my house.

3. In front of ( with reference to order/arrangement)  :

  • Her names come before Jhon's on the list.

4. In the presence of :

  • The criminal was brought before the judge.

5. In preference to :

  • He wishes for death before dishonor.

Useful rules ' Behind' with Preposition Examples :

1. At the back of :

  • There is a garden behind our house.

2. No having so much progress :

  • He is behind other boys in swimming.

3.Indicating Concealment :

  • There was a smile behind his frown.

4. Indicating lateness in time :
  • The train is behind its time.

5. Remaining after, when one has left a place :

  • The storm left a trail of destruction behind it.

Useful rules 'By' with Preposition Examples :

1. Near, at the side of :

  • Our school is by the river.
  • She sat by me/by my side.

2. Through/along/across :

  • We came by the roads.

3. Past :

  • He goes by the college hostel every day on his way to school.

4. During :

  • He fled by night.

5. Not later than :

  • I will finish the work by tomorrow.

6. Through the agency/means/ instrumentally :

  • He makes a living by teaching.
  • He was killed by a tiger.

7. Indicating part of the body touch :

  • Seize him by the neck.

8. According to :

  • It's 6 O'clock by my watch.

9. To the extent of :

  • He is senior to me by five years.

10. Indicating means of Travel, Conveyance etc :

  • I go to school by bus.
  • He sent later by post.

11. In the name of :

  • He swore by heaven.

12. Because of/as a result of :

  • I met Ammy by Chance.
  • One can achieve what one wants by determination.

13. With regard to :

  • He is American by birth.
  • He is a doctor by profession.

Useful rules ' Towards' with Preposition Examples :

1. In the direction of :

  • You walked towards the bridge.

2. In relation to :

  • He feelings towards us are not friendly.

3. As regards :

  • I don't know what is the attitude towards the proposal is.

4. For the purpose of :

  • You must be saved money towards your daughter's marriage.

5. Indicating nearness of time :

  • I shall come towards the evening.


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