Preposition Examples Sentences | Relations & Preposition Examples

Preposition Examples Sentences are discussed here. Are you learning prepositions and their uses?  If yes, you should read carefully this Blog. we discuss the definition of Prepositions, some freely Use of the preposition and various preposition Examples earlier post. You can read this post here.

Preposition Examples Sentences | Relations  & Preposition Examples

Now we discuss relations of the preposition & preposition Examples sentences. You must practice and read preposition Examples sentence . We know,  Preposition indicate a relation between noun and another word in a sentence. Here, you get all the  Relation of preposition and preposition Examples Sentence.

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Relation :     Prepostion

1. Agency Manner :   By, Of, Through,  With etc.

Preposition Examples Sentence :

  • He came by bus.
  • They heard of an accident through the friend.
  • He works with sincerity.
  • The villages were damaged by the flood.
  • With a pen.
  • With courage.
  • He cut the apple with a knife.

2. Cause / Reason/Purpose : For, From, Of,  With etc.

Preposition Examples Sentences :

  • Hollywood is famous for Movie.
  • Suffering from influenza.
  • Ammy shivers with Malaria.
  • Jeshon died of smallpox.
  • It is a good place for the picnic.
  • Blushed with shame.
  • The beggar cried for help.

3. DirectionAt, For, From, In, Into, Off, Round, To, Towards etc.

Preposition Examples Sentences  :

  • The dog rushed at me
  • We ran at the thief.
  • Threw stones at the frog.
  • The sun rises in the east.
  • He goes to school.
  • They are turning to the right.
  • John returned from School.
  • Earth moves around the sun.
  • Go to the cinema.
  • He jumped into the pond.

4. Place: About, Across, Among, At, Between, Behind, Before, By, Beside, Besides, From, In, On, Through,  Under, With, Within, Without, etc.

Preposition Examples Sentences :
  • He runs across the road.
  • We Walked about the town.
  • He lived at Barrackpore.
  • He fell among the boys, Ram sits between you and me.
  • They stood before me behind the tree.
  • They live in the USA.
  • In the house
  • On your right.
  • On the table.
  • Over my head.
  • Stand by me.
  • Sit beside me.
  • Upon the mountain.
  • Under the cot.
  • Within the house.
  • I have another besides this book.

5. Time : After, At, Before, During, For, From, In, On, Under, Until, Since, Till, Throughout,  Within etc.

Preposition Examples Sentences :

  • He came after midnight.
  • He arrived at 7 p.m.
  • He will leave before Monday.
  • He came by Sunday.
  • The play will begin at 4 p.m.
  • I shall go during the vacation.
  • They stay with me for the last five minutes.
  • The class with begin from coming Monday.
  • Until 4 p.m.
  • Since last night.
  • Stayed throughout the whole day.
  • Within two hours.

6. Prossession : By, Of, With etc.

Preposition Examples Sentences :

  • Students should keep Dictionary By them.
  • Town hall of Kolkata.
  • The Girl with brown hair.

7. Rate / ValueAt, By etc.

Preposition Examples Sentences :

  • Bank Charges interest at Rs. 4 percent.
  • He is driving at 60 km per hour.
  • Milk is Sold by the liter.

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