Deference Between For, Since, From With Preposition Examples

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Deference Between For, Since, From With Preposition Examples

Preposition Examples

Today I posted an important article for you. The difference between For,  Since & From. This is the most useful preposition in English Grammar.

Use Of ' For' with preposition examples :

1. FOR refers to a space of time :

  • I have been here for a week.
  • I have not seen him for many days.
  • He has been in service for 6 years.

Use Of ' Since' with Preposition Examples :

1.SINCE refers to past point of time

  1. Preceded by Present Perfect Tense.
  2. Preceded by present perfect continuous tense.

  • He has been absent from school since Monday.
  • I have been waiting for you since 7 o'clock.

Use Of ' From' with Preposition Examples :

1.From refers to a point of time in all tenses.

  • He starts the work from to day.
  • He began the work from yesterday.
  • He will commence the work from tomorrow.
  • I have been walking from the morning.

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