Preposition Lesson | Useful Rules Prepositions For, From, With, Within

Preposition Lesson is very useful for English Grammar. All Preposition lesson discuss here. If you want to learn Preposition, then you daily read our blog. We help to learn preposition with Preposition Examples.

Preposition Lesson | Useful Rules Prepositions For, From, With, Within, To 

preposition lesson

We suggest you, please read all the blog post. We write here all preposition lesson with Preposition Examples. Today we discuss useful rules From, For, With, Within, To.   We discuss all Preposition rules on Our Blog. You can also read definition, kinds, use,  Prepostition examples here.

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Useful Rules ' For ' with Preposition Examples :

1.  Indicating Destination, Progress :

  • He set out for home.
  • I shall catch the train for Howrah.

2. Indicating what is aimed at :

  • He was educated for the law.

3. Indicating Prossession :

  • Here is a letter for you.

4. Indicating Preparation :

  • He prepares for the Madhyamik Examination.

5. Indicating Affection :

  • She has no love for her Children.

6. Indicating Linking :

  • She has a weakness for silk cloths.
  • He has a taste for Art.

7. Indicating extent in time :

  • He has been here for a week.
  • I have not seen him for many days.
  • He will be cripple for life.

8. Instead of, in place of :

  • Will you please act for me in the matter?
  • Subsitute a noun for a verb.

9. Indicating suitability,  fitness :

  • He is the very man for the Job.
  • This is good for health.

10. In defense or support of :

  • Are you for the proposal?
  • He spoke for the bill.

11. With regard to, concerning :

  • I am anxious for his safety.

12. Because of, On account Of :

  • Kashmir is famous for its scenery.
  • I could not go to school for my illness.

13. In spite of :

  • For all his wealth he is unhappy.

14. In exchange Of :

  • I paid  3 dollars for the book.

15. Indicating extent in space :

  • We walked for five miles.
  • The road is lined with tress for two miles.

Useful Rules 'From' with Preposition Examples.

1. Indicating the Place whence motion takes place :

  • He has gone from home.
  • I go from Milton to Cambridge daily.

2. Indicating the starting of a period of time :

  • I know here from Childhood.
  • He will begin to coach me from 2nd July.

3. Showing the giver, sender etc :

  • I have received a letter from my Father.

4. Indicating the source from which something is taken :

  • She drew water from a well.
  • He is descended from a royal family.

5. Showing the model :

  • This picture is painted from life.

6. Indicating separation, removal, deprivation etc :

  • I took a dagger away from him.

7. Showing Cause :

  • He has been suffering from dysentery.

8. Showing Motive :

  • He dis this from spite.

9. Showing distinction /defferance :

  • His opinion differs from mine.

Useful Rules ' With '  with Preposition Examples :

1. Indicating means / Instrument :

  • He wrote with a pencil
  • Fill the pen with ink.
  • She took it with both hands.

2. Indicating accompaniment/relationship:

  • She went for a walk with her uncle.
  • I shall be with you in a few minutes.

3. Indicating Opposition / antagonism :

  • Porus fought with Alexander.

4. Indicating manner :

  • I shall do it with pleasure.
  • They fought with Courage.

5. Indicating cause :

  • He was trembling with fear.

6. Indicating profession :

  • I have no money with me.

7. In the care of :

  • I left the bicycle with my friend.

8. Indicating separation :

  • I parted with my friend yesterday.

9. Indicating agreement :

  • I agree with you.
  • I do not agree with you.

10. In spite of :

  • With all his wealth he is unhappy.

11. Indicating point of reference :

  • He is not popular with his pupil's.

Useful rules 'Within' with Preposition Examples :

1. Inside the range or limits of something :

  • I found him within the house.

2. In a time no longer than/before the expiration of specific time :

  • You must be back within an hour.

3. Not beyond :

  • He does not live within his income. 

Useful rules ' To' with Preposition Examples :

1. In the direction of,  towords :

  • He went to Cambridge.
  • He fell to the ground.
  • He fell into distress.

2. Before :

  • It is twelve to eleven.

3. Until :

  • He works from morning to evening.

4. Purpose,  result ( Adverbial Functions)  :

  • They came to see me.
  • He lived to be ninety.

5. Indicating Proportion :

  • We won by two goals to nil.

6. Indicating limit :
  • We will fight to the last man.

7. With an adjectival function :

  • Jimmy was the first to arrive ( who arrive first) there.

8. Effect :

  • To my utter surprise,  he failed.

9. Introducing the indirect object :

  • He gave a mango to the beggar. 

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