Preposition Examples | Use of Prepositions In, On, At

Here you learn about the use of  Peposition ' In',  'On', 'At' with Preposition Examples. From the Earlier post,  you learn Definition of Preposition, kinds of preposition and more Preposition Examples.

Preposition Examples | Use of Prepositions In,  On, At 

Preposition Examples

If you learn English Grammar, then you must know Preposition. Also, you can see there are so many questions on the Competitive Exam are comes from Preposition. So you must know Use of Preposition and Learn daily Preposition Examples.

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Use Of  'In' with Preposition Examples :

1. Indicating Place : 

  • I live in Londan.
  • There is a cloud in the Sky.
  • Girls are playing football in the street.

2. Position :

  • She is sitting in the Sun.
  • They went out in the rain.

3. Inclusion :

  • There are saven days in a week.

4. During: A period of time -

  • My son was born in 1974.
  • Nature wears flowery in Spring.
  • He came in winter.

5. After: a certain time -

  • He will be living for mumbai in an hour.

6. Within: as certain time -

  • I finished my work in three hours.
  • I shall do it in March.

7. Circumstances / Surroundings :

  • The boy went out in the sun.

8. State / Condition of Somebody or Somethings :

  • He is in a bad Temper.
  • I am in straitened Circumstances.

9. Medium / Means / Materials :

  • Please speak in English. ( Medium)
  • The lines are printed in bold type. ( Materials)

10. Indicating Occupation / Activity :

  • He is in rice bussines.
  • He is in the Army.
  • He is in practice of Medicine.

11. Indicating Identity :

  • He found a ture friend in her.

Use Of 'On' with Preposition Examples :

1. On the days of the week :

  • On a Monday.
  • He came here on Tuesday last.

2. Date :

  • On 28th November.
  • On 1 st january, 2018.

3. Specific Days :

  • He came hete on Monday last.
  • On Easter Saturday.

4. Immediately After :

  • On my arrival home.
  • On the death of his parents.

5. About :

  • Dr. Sen spoke on Shakespeare's sonnets.
  • He will speak on social- walfer.

6. Direction :

  • The thief drew a kinfe on the stranger.
  • The students marched on Writer's Building.

7. Near / Close to :

  • My house is on the main road.
  • He lives in a town on the bordar.

8. Reason for Something :

  • The story is not based on facts.
  • He acts on his father's advise.
  • He was areested on a charge of theft.

9. Financialy Supported / Food :

  • I live on pension my wife's salary.
  • The cow lives on Grass.

10. Using / By Means :

  • I play a song on my Guiter.
  • He spoke to me on the telephone.

11. Condition :

  • The man was appointed on these terms.
  • I am appointed on no condition.

12. Indicating Time :

  • We went for a picnic on a sunny day in January.
  • The School remains closed on 1 st January.

Note: In U.S English, 'On' is omitted in indicating the time.

13. Indicating Membership :

  • He is on the Committee.

Some More Preposition Examples :

  • I can stand on one foot.
  • He wore a golden ring on middle finger.
  • There is a coat on the hanger.
  • He got on a running bus/ train.
  • People travel on the Bus/ train.

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Use of  ' At ' with Preposition Examples :

1. A point Of Time :

  • I reached the Station at 12 noon.
  • He went to school at 10 a.m.

2. Engagement in an Activity :

  • He is at work/play/writing Novel.

3.  position of a Person or thing :

  • MR. Faraday waited at the corner of the room.

4. Age :

  • He retired from headmastership at 60.
  • He got married at  25.

5. Direction ( towords) :

  • The Dog rushed at me.
  • He looks at the Girl.
  • He laughed at the man.

6. A Price / Rate / Speed :

  • Watch sells at 6 dollars.
  • I bought English Grammar at 5 dollars.
  • He drives at 60 k.m per hour.

7. Indicationg Cause :

  • We wondered at the depth of his knowledge. 
Next day we discuss the rules of others Preopostion. So please continue reading this blog every day.

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