Preposition Examples | Definition, Kinds & Use Of Preposition With Examples

Preposition Examples | Definition, Kind & Use Of Preposition With Examples

Preposition Examples is very Important to learn English Grammar. Prepositions are the Backbone Of English Language. In every Sentence, preposition is used. So you must carefully learn about Preposition. But before the start preposition examples , you should know,  What is the preposition? Here, you know about  Definition, Kind & Use of Preposition With meaning full Preposition Examples.

Preposition Examples

Definition Of Preposition  & Preposition  Examples :

Before the Start the Definition of Preposition, you must know about whats actually split meaning Of ' Preposition'

Preposition :  Pre = Before,  and Position = Place

Now We learn  about Definition Of Preposition :

A Preposition is a word which is placed before a Noun or  Noun- Equivalent to show its relation to some other words in the Sentence.

Preposition Examples  : 'There is a man in the Room'   - The Word 'in' show the relation between 'Man' and 'room'.

Some More  Preposition Examples :

  • Amal died Of Cardiac Attack. ( Here Preposition Of use for 'Cause')
  • He  walking about the town ( use for here and there)
  • The sun rose above the Horizon.  ( use for mean ' Higher than ')
  • The Kage is made of Iron. ( use for Materials)
  •  He is a member of Real Madrid Club.  He worked for three days of the week. ( Relation between part and whole of the something)
  • He came by bus /train.
  • He cut the apple with a knife.
  • This is done for the good cause of the people.
  • The beggar cried for help.
  • The dog rushed at me.
  • The sun rises in the east.
  • He came After midnight.
  • The play will begin at 4 p.m.
  • The stayed with me for the last five minutes.
  • The girl with brown here.
  • Milk is sold by litre.
  • He is in poor health.
  • My son was born in 1974.
  • He lives in a town on the border.
  • I go from Barrackpore to Kolkata.

Kind Of Preposition With Examples: 

Preposition May be Divided into six Classes -

1. Simple Preposition : These Prepositions are ' One Word'.  Here some Simple Preposition Examples : at, after, for, from, in, of, on, out, over, though, till, up, under, with etc.

2. Double Preposition : When a single preposition is not sufficient to express the sense, then two simple prepositions are united together to express the sense fully.

Double Preposition Examples : into, from among, from within, from behind, over against etc.

3. Compound Prepostition : These are formed from some noun, adjective, or adverb compounded with the preposition.

Compound Preposition Examples : Across ( = on+ cross),  Behind ( = by+ hind),  About ( = on+by+out),  Between ( = by+ twain),  Above ( = on+by+up),  Before ( = by+ fore) etc.

4. Participle Preposition : Some Present and Past Participles are used as Prepositions.

Participle Prepositions Example :

  • Considering his age I pardon him.
  • Do you know anything regarding his landed property?
  • Respecting, Touching, except, during etc is also Participle Prepositions.

5. Phrase Prepositions or Prepositional Phrase: Two or more words habitually thrown together and ending with a simple preposition man be called Phrase Prepositions.

Phrase Preposition Examples :  by means of,  because of, in front of, in spite of, on account of, with regard to, instead of, in the place of ,  according to, agree to, along with, away from, at home in, because of, by means of, by virtue of, by way of, for fear of,  for the sake of, for want of, in accordance with, in addition to ,  in case of, in favour of, in honour of, in reply to, in order to, with a view to  etc.

6. Disguised Preposition :  When the Preposition on and of being changed into a  & o respectively,  then they are called Disguised Prepositions.

Examples :

  • He comes here ones a week  ( a< on)
  • Salt selles two kilograms a rupee ( a < on)
  • It's ten o'clock now. ( o < of)

Position Of Prepostition :

1. Normally a prepositions precedes to Noun & Pronoun.  [ It is a book about Birds.  I am glad about her success.  ]

2. When the object is an Interrogative Pronoun or a relative pronoun the preposition is placed at the End.

Examples: What that you shout at him for? .   Where do you come from?

3. Before the Direct Object: The beggar bags him for Money.

Preposition Examples

Some Freely Used Prepositions & Preposition Examples

1.  After  & Behind  :

After is used to indicate time whereas ' Behind' is used to Indicate Place.

Preposition Examples : The Iron Rod grew hot after ten minutes.

In the race, he runs behind me.

2. Ago & Before  :  

' Ago' is denote 'before now'

'Before' is used when it indicates 'before then'

  • He left a village ten years ago.
  • He left the village ten years ago, but had settled twenty years before.

3. At & Over  :

At is used with the names of small town. ( My Uncle lives at Bangur)

At use before the nown denoting a definite point of time. ( I will be at the station at 10 a.m)

Over is used in the sence of 'above' ( He is over head and ears in debt)

Over is used the sence of beyond. ( I can not get over my disappointed)

4.   In  & Into  :

In is use before countries,  province, districts and large place comparison with the small place. ( I live in USA, I live in India)

In refers to a period of Time. ( The Rajdhani Express will arrive at Howrah Station in an hour.)

Into is used to express the Action. ( The two boys jump into the Tank.)

5. Between & Among  :

Between is used for two persons or things. ( There are no difference between you and me)

Among is used for more than two persons and things. ( Distribute the sweets among the students on the 26th January)

6. Beside  & Besides  :

'Beside' means by the side of.  ( Jhon sat beside his friend Jimmy to hear to music.)

'Besides ' means in addition to.  ( My Teacher gave me good besides helping me with some valuable books.)

7. By  & With  :

'By' denotes The 'agent' or 'Doer'.  ( Ravana was killed by Rama)

'With' denotes the 'Instruments ' or 'means of doing something'. ( Ravana was killed by Rama with an arrow)

8. Since  & For :

'Since' refers to a 'Points of time in the Past '. ( He has been suffering from fever since Monday)

'For ' is used to refer to the period of time.  ( Jhon has gone to NewYork for two Years)

9. Below & Beneath  :

'Below ' refers to that person who lower in Position,  Dignity, Excellence,  and Expectation from another person. ( Mr. Jhon is below Mr. Donald in the Office)

' Beneath' is used to express the idea of under. ( The Capseller rested beneath the shade of a leafy Tree.)

10. For,  From  & Since  :

'For '  is used before a Noun to Express  ' Period Of Time '.  ( He worked for five hours at a stretch)

'From ' is used before a noun or a phrase to express ' a point of time ' but it can not be used in Present Continuous Tense and Present Perfect Tense.( The Examination will be held on 12.12.2018 from 10 a.m to 1 p.m)

'Since'  is used before a noun or a Phrase to express some 'point of time' It is always preceded by a Verb in the Perfect Continuous Tense. ( It has been raining since Monday Last.)

11. Till & By  :

Till means 'upto' or 'not earlier than'. ( I worked in the school till 1st October,  2018.

By means 'not later than'. ( By this time tomorrow,  I will have finished my Worked.

12. In  & After : Both the preposition are the 'Preposition of Time'.

In is used to express 'expiry of Time' in a future tense. ( I shall be back in two hours)

After is used to express the 'expiry of time' in the past tense. ( I returned after one hour)

13. In  & Within  :

In is used to show the expiry of 'Particular time period' in the future tense. It gives the sense of after when using in a future tense.( I shall finish my work in three hours)

Note : After should not be used as a preposition in the future tense.

Within is used to express ' a limit of time' of a given time period before the expiry. ( I shall finish my work within three hours.)

14. On & Upon :

On is used to express ' the position that an object touches a surface at rest'). ( The book is on the table)

Upon is used to express ' the position that on objects touches a surface in motion. ( The book fell upon the table.)

15. Of  & Off  :

Of is used for Cause, Materials, Contents, Quality, Possession, Opposition, Space of time, Origin Reference etc.

Preposition Examples 'Of' :

  • Arnold Died of Cardiac Attack. ( Cause)
  • This Kage is made of Iron. ( Materials)
  • Jimmy Presented Anna with a basket of Apple. ( Contents)
  • Subhas Chandra Bose was a man of Iron Character. ( Quality)
  • The Parker pen of my father was lost. ( Possession)
  • We are the inhabitants of the Philippines. ( Origin)
  • The Kalu is lame of One large.( Reference)
Off is used to express separation at the near distance. ( My residence is off the main road.)

Off is used to Detached Condition.( The lid of the box is Off.)

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